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Manna Investment Partners brings together individuals who have long-term public market and private investing experience that spans multiple market climates and economic environments. The partners launched Manna All Weather Fund, L.P., because we heard from too many friends and colleagues who felt uncertain about where to invest, who they could trust to look out for their financial interests, and the likelihood of their capital being protected.

We exist to serve. And we invest our own capital alongside the capital of those who partner in the L.P.

We seek to provide qualified investors with strong risk-adjusted returns, and our goal is to generate stable results in all market environments.


<a href="/founding-partners">Junior Bridgeman</a>
Junior Bridgeman
Managing Director
<a href="/founding-partners/#kevin-attkisson">Kevin Attkisson</a>
Kevin Attkisson
Managing Director
<a href="/founding-partners/#jon-robinson">Jon Robinson</a>
Jon Robinson
Managing Director
<a href="/founding-partners/#brandon-langley">Brandon Langley</a>
Brandon Langley
Managing Director

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Contact us to discuss the Fund and investor qualifications.

Greensboro Office

1250 Revolution Mill Drive, Suite 150
Greensboro, NC 27405

Louisville Office

3309 Collins Lane
Louisville, KY 40245